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Introducing the User Experience Working Group

Some of you may not be aware of the recent creation at UoLIA of the User Experience (UX) Working Group. Under the Chairmanship of Michael Frantzis, Deputy Course Director of the Computing programmes, the group is going to explore issues surrounding the online offering of the International Academy with the benefit of the techniques and tools used in the field of Human and Computer Interaction and UX research. The focus, much like a small R & D department, will be on learning from all our users (students, academics, managers, administrators), thinking about how we can improve our technology with the benefit of these insights and maybe building the odd prototype or two.
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Moodle upgrades

All of our VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) are due to be upgraded to a new version of Moodle in the coming months.

Upgrading to Moodle 2.8 will bring some new functionality to the VLEs and will include the introduction of a mobile-compatible theme to bring them up-to-date with users’ needs. In Moodle, ‘themes’ are the method by which the appearance of the whole site can be controlled, creating a consistent look and feel to the VLE.
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