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ePortfolios in a programme with an applied project

Development of ePortfolios in project-based learning can be a valuable activity for student-centered learning experience.  During development process an ePortfolio can serve as a way to track student progress and identify learning needs. After completion it can be submitted for assessment or peer review. In project-based learning it is a viable tool for formal and informal assessment.

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Recognition of learning in a ‘Skills ePortfolio’

The achievements in learning are recognised in various ways.  In order to show commitment to high ethical and professional values and to lifelong learning, one is required to join a professional body associated with their field of expertise. The membership in such professional organisation can be obtained, for instance, by completing the qualification exam and developing and maintaining a ‘Skills ePortfolio’ where the evidence of acquired skills can be displayed. On other words, one must provide evidence that he/she gained the experience and the qualifications to demonstrate that they have the abilities to become a member. The evidence may include the qualification certificates and other forms of recognition of learning. Continue reading Recognition of learning in a ‘Skills ePortfolio’