PG Laws VLE updates

The Postgraduate Laws VLE used for the LLM Programme has recently been updated with a number of improvements. As well as a fresh new look, the course pages, and front page have been updated to include more relevant information and resources.


All of the updates used content and resources that were already present in the VLE. These were rearranged or renamed to make them more accessible. In addition, parts of the VLE which were not used or had only very limited benefit were removed.

Past exam papers were previously all placed in one folder in a resources section. They were separated and are now available on the relevant course pages. Similarly, recent developments documents are now on course pages instead of all sitting in the same folder.

The PG Laws YouTube channel has many videos accompanying their courses. These were also added to the course pages, plus three new videos produced by UOLIA staff (‘An overview of the programme’, ‘Introduction to study resources’, and ‘How to plan your study’) have been placed on the front page.

These improvements were arranged through discussions between programme staff and the Learning Technology Team. If you are interested in updating or improving one of our VLEs, please let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us.


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