Moodle User Group meeting

Members of the Learning Technology Team recently attended the latest Moodle User Group meeting to learn about the latest VLE related news and updates.

For those that don’t know, Moodle is the online learning platform in which all of our VLEs exist. Four times a year, users of Moodle who are supported by ULCC (University of London Computer Centre) meet in Senate House to discuss progress and give feedback.

The meeting in July included a number of updates from ULCC on internet security, generating reports within VLEs, and managing coursework in Moodle. The two main presentations were on learner analytics, one from a company called Altis and the other from UOLIA’s Tom Inkelaar in the Management Information team. The aim of learner analytics is to collect a wide variety of student information and use it to indicate those most likely to struggle and drop out of a course. There will be more about learner analytics in a future post so subscribe to this blog if you are interested in reading more.

The next Moodle User Group meeting will be in September.

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