Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills

Last year, in collaboration with The Careers Group, the University of London International Programmes ran a Coursera course titled Enhance your Career and Employability Skills.

We advertised this to all of our current students, but it was always in our mind to make the materials from this course available more directly to our students without relying on Coursera’s platform.

Our challenge was to take all of the material designed for Coursera and adapt it, as appropriate, for Moodle. In some cases resources could be directly replicated, e.g. linking to a PDF document, embedding and displaying a video, or having a discussion forum. In other cases there was no direct replacement, e.g. in-video quizzes.

After converting this into a Moodle course we released it a few weeks ago (20th April) to a small subset of our students (~50) and have seen regular use of the course since.

Early statistics of SAS Careers Course

We will soon be adding this self-contained Careers course into other University of London International Programmes VLEs and be liaising with Programme Teams as to the best time to release them to students.

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