Moodle upgrades

All of our VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) are due to be upgraded to a new version of Moodle in the coming months.

Upgrading to Moodle 2.8 will bring some new functionality to the VLEs and will include the introduction of a mobile-compatible theme to bring them up-to-date with users’ needs. In Moodle, ‘themes’ are the method by which the appearance of the whole site can be controlled, creating a consistent look and feel to the VLE.

Each VLE will be given either the ‘Clean’ theme or the ‘More’ theme. The appearance of these themes differs only slightly. Both are responsive (i.e. mobile compatible) and have an uncluttered, simple appearance, but with all the activities and plugins you would expect to be available.

If you are a user or admin of one of our VLEs there is no need to worry, as any colour schemes and logos currently in place will be reproduced in the new theme, making the impact of the upgrade minimal. The upgrade process itself will only last a few hours per VLE with the site being available in a read-only mode during this time.

All upgrades will occur between end of March and end of August 2015 and will be arranged individually with each VLE by us at the Learning Technology Team.

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